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The Oneonta Fire Department Needs your help!

The Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs (AAFC) has submitted to State Farm a grant request through State Farm Neighborhood Assist, a crowd-sourced, philanthropic program. We have been selected as a top 200 Cause! You may or may not be familiar with this program but our next step is to garner online votes for our cause.

You may be wondering what is our cause? Alabama is the third highest state in the US in fire deaths per capita and have been a leader in fire deaths for a number of years now. We, the fire chiefs of Alabama, want to reduce that number and in 2014 we, along with the State Fire Marshals Office, started Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention. We want to educate the public and change behavior throughout the state of Alabama using the same message. If you ask a young child what do they if there is a fire they are quick to say “stop, drop, and roll” and that is good but it is not all that needs to be done and we must do better.

We all need to know the leading cause of fires in the home and fire deaths. We need to have escape plans in the home, practice safe cooking habits during the holidays, use space heaters safely, etc. These are all messages and information we want to share with the public throughout the state. But, there is a cost involved and we have had a number of generous benefactors since we started. The Alabama Power Foundation, Porch Creek Indians, Cardiac Solutions, The Alabama Fire College and others but funding is still needed.

The organizations that assisted us so far were willing to help with just the hope that the number of fire deaths would fall. We feel we need to be able to produce the data that shows we are making a difference. Presently the data on incidents involving fire and fire deaths is not accessible and we believe the data that is out there is not complete. The AAFC has partnered with The University of Alabama and the Center for Advanced Public Safety to develop a smart phone app that will be very simple and can be used by firefighter and fire officers on the scene to generate the data that allows the fire service to focus on geographic and demographic information and work to reduce those numbers.

If we are successful in obtaining enough votes to put our program in the “top 40 vote-getters” we will receive a grant of $25,000 to help offset the cost to develop the app and help make it available to all firefighters statewide. So please follow this link http://www.neighborhoodassist.com/entry/1984367 and vote! Voting starts October 26 and will be open for 10 days. You can vote up to 10 times a day with a valid email address. Start Wednesday the 26th and vote please share and tell your friends to vote!


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