Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets can be paid at the City Hall, 202 3rd Ave. East, if they occur withthin the city limits.

The cost of parking tickets violation are:

  1. Parking in Fire Lane $25
  2. Parking in a Handicap Zone $50
  3. Blocking Alley $10
  4. Double Parking $10
  5. Parking at Fire Hydrant $25
  6. Parking on Yellow Line or Curb $5
  7. Park Overtime 2 Hr. Zone $5
  8. Parking on Wrong Side $10

If you do not pay your parking violations within 48 hrs, your parking violation will be doubled.

You may pay your parking violation at the City Hall; or you may mail it to the address below.

If paying by a check, please make check payable to the City of Oneonta.

If you have any questions, please call the City Hall at 205-274-2150


City of Oneonta

202 3rd Ave. East

Oneonta, AL 35121