Mission Statement

Every organization has a philosophy either written or unwritten.  Since its organization, the guiding principal for the City of Oneonta has been to achieve success by deserving it; to protect its citizens and their families and to serve them faithfully, adequately, honestly and economically.


That as a city organization our purpose:


  1. That service is our best policy for our citizens.


  1. To insure that our employees have an opportunity for a rewarding career.


  1. For the Mayor and Council to serve and contribute to the welfare of our citizens.


We believe:


  • That through the quality of our service we are providing our citizens and their loved ones the best possible environment in which to live.


  • To always act as professionals in our endeavors.


  • We should always be proud of ourselves and our city.


  • That we should always have a positive attitude.


  • That we should be happy in our careers and enjoy each day to the fullest.


  • That we should have the desire to succeed and pay the price through study, skill development and the practice of good habits.


  • That we should promote the growth of the city each day.


We also think that it is a two way street.  The obligation of the Mayor and Council to the employee and the obligation of the employee to the citizens.


We feel that the Mayor and Council have an obligation to the employees to provide the facility, training, tools, direction and supervision in all areas of the job.


Employee obligation is to follow all city rules and directions given by department heads and to be cooperative toward the city and other employees.  Also, to maintain at all times personal conduct and appearance as one who is a city employee.  To fill the needs of the citizens of the City of Oneonta.


Ross Norris, Mayor

Ed Lowe, City Manager

Tammie Noland, City Clerk


City Council


Richard Phillips, Hal Blackwood, Nathaniel Butler, Danny Robinson and Tonya H. Rogers